Helena Woodworkers Guild on Facebook

screenshot of guild facebook page

The guild has had a Facebook page since 2009, and we want you all to know it’s there. As a Guild, we have over 430 “friends” on facebook, many of whom live in Helena. Every time we post something on our guild Facebook page, our “friends” are likely to see it in their newsfeed, so it is one way of promoting the guild and the things that are important to us.  Check it out here.

Guild members with a Facebook account can post on the Helena Woodworkers Guild Timeline. You can post photos, announcements, tips, humor, etc. You can share woodworking related things that are important to you, with the 430+ people who are friends of the Guild, by sharing on the guild’s page. It’s actually pretty simple once you try it. (See screenshot above for example of something I shared on the guild page.)

We know that not all of our members are on Facebook. You might want to consider it if you haven’t tried it out, although some of you may just rather eat a cockroach!

Guild members and Montana or Helena woodworkers who have Facebook pages (though they may not all be actively using FB): Bill Pratt, Tim Carney, Bill Daigle, Lance Seaman, Dan McArdle, Al Flinck, myself (Maureen Shaughnessy), Bruce Ewals, Bill Roberts, Tom Herrin, Michael Gottleib, Al Swanson and quite a few more. These are just the ones I know of.

Screen Shot Guild FB share

Another benefit of having a facebook page for the guild is that it is another way we can communicate — build community. The screenshot, above, is of a “share” from another facebook member, The Woodworkers Guild of America… we were just trying to get some of our guild members to jump in and comment.

If you are on Facebook occasionally, please check out our guild page once in awhile. And make a comment while you’re there. We know you don’t have alot of time, but if it’s something you are interested in, taking just a few minutes to comment and read might be worthwhile.

Thank you!