Fascinating Sawmill Demonstration

sawmill meeting10-impOur July meeting was extraordinarily delicious, fun and super educational. We were all invited to push a big log through Scott Walters’ outdoor sawmill just to experience the rush. I was busy taking photos so I didn’t try it, but several members did. A couple of members brought logs to mill, including one gorgeous Russian Olive chunk from Anna. All of us attendees got to take home a beautiful green ash live-edge slab to make into whatever we want! I am not sure what I’m going to get Tim to make out of my slab [grin.]

Cort Harrington regaled us with spicy carnitas, tortillas and homemade gingerale. And of course, all the rest of us contributed lots of other goodies to the potluck. Mmmm-mmm! What a fabulous summer evening and a great way to spend it!

Below are some photos from the meeting. Enjoy! And we’ll see you at Bruce Ewal’s shop, Superior Sharpening on the first Monday of August. On the program next time is a demonstration of SawStop table saw and safety equipment. Bruce’s shop is located at 1301 Orange Avenue in Helena. Call Bruce for more information or directions on how to get there. His phone number is 449-0919.

Thank you, Scott, for hosting this meeting and Cort, for sharing such scrumptious food. And thank you to all who came. See you next time at Superior Sharpening!