Vintage Jigsaw Stars at February Woodworkers Guild

Vintage Jigsaw Machine

Tom Dolan gave us all some useful and interesting tips last night at the February Guild meeting. He showed us a bunch of his jigs — some homemade and others he had purchased. He also showed us a couple of tips for using glue, wax and clamps with woodworking projects like the wooden toys he makes. I’m sure we can all figure out ways to use the things Tom showed us, no matter what size wood projects we do.

Useful Tip to Apply Wax

Instead of using just a piece of cloth to apply Min-Wax (or any kind of wax) Tom puts a blob of wax inside a piece of cheesecloth tied with a leather strip. He rubs this on the wood toys he makes.

Clamps for Drying Small Pieces

Here’s another cool tool: Tom uses these small clamps with strings, to hold pieces of his wood toys while they dry. He hangs them from the rafters in his shop.

Eating Dinner at our Guild Meeting

Enjoying our Scrumptious Potluck Dinner at Tom Dolan’s Shop

Tom has an old, one-of-a-kind jigsaw prototype that was designed in Montana and built in Germany. He was given this machine and has all the old patent papers on it. The patent was actually filed, but the jigsaw was never manufactured so this one truly is the only one on Earth. Ralph explained some of the history of the machine, since he knew the originator/inventor/designer. Tom gave us a demonstration. It’s a fascinating machine. You can turn the jigsaw blade instead of rotating the piece of wood, by using the foot pedal. Check out the photos below:

As usual, we had an amazing potluck. Prize-winning French Apple Pie, Caramel-Brownies, Goulash, German Sweet and Sour Cabbage, Lasagna, Spinach Salad… I could go on… Thank you to everyone for bringing such scrumptious food to our potlucks.

Next meeting will be the first Monday of March at Leonard Cloninger’s shop. Watch the website and your email for news and details.

Check out some more photos from our February Meeting, below. Cheerio! Stay warm