September 8th Guild Meeting


Guild Member, Matt Schmidt, will be hosting our September meeting

Important Note: September Guild Meeting takes place on September 8th instead of the first Monday, because … the first Monday is Labor Day and we bet most guild members are going to be out playing with their families! Hope you all have an awesome holiday on the 1st!

Matt Schmidt's New Shop

Matt Schmidt’s New Shop — pretty clean, eh?

Matt Schmidt will host our September Guild meeting on September 8th, at his brand new shop. He has already finished a new pulpit cross out of his new shop, for his church, and is slowly putting things in their place from his old shop. Matt will talk about how he does his inlays and give us a tour of his new digs.

Inlay work in progress by Matt Schmidt

Inlay work in progress by Matt Schmidt

Matt will provide the main course, classic Montana pulled pork and buns. Maureen and Tim will bring coleslaw to go on the buns and pork. Please bring a side dish (green salads, baked beans, chips are some ideas …) or dessert. Also bring beverage to share. If you are new to the guild and just checking us out, please be our guest at the potluck — there is always plenty of food!

Date and Time: September 8th, 2014 6:00 pm to around 8:00-ish
Location: Matt Schmidt’s Shop at 3855 Pioneer Park Drive, Helena
Matt’s Cell: 406-266-1194
Potluck: Pulled Pork & Coleslaw with Buns. Please bring side dish, dessert, beverages. Thanks!
Program: Matt will talk a little about how he does his inlays, and how excited he is about his new shop. He might even give us a demo since he is currently working on a couple of inlays.
Directions: Take York Road Exit off Custer heading east, go about 4 miles. When you see the convenience store on the right hand side of the road, Pioneer Park Dr is a half mile on the right from there. Turn right,  My house is the first house on the left that is on Pioneer Park Drive. You will see the shop. It has a brown metal roof with brown siding. My house is a two story light tan/gray color with a camper out front. You can park along side the road and in the driveway.