Vikings, Meatballs, Ham and a Bunch of Montanans

Detail of Norse Carving on Chandelier

When we get together for our monthly meetings, we always have fun. Our January meeting at Paul Anderson’s house was educational, delicious, inspiring and fun. I don’t think we’ve ever had such a great potluck — the flavors of everything complimented everything else.

GuildJan2013Meeting - 41-imp


Karl’s wife Linda sent some meatballs that turned out to be the hit of the evening. Here is proof:

Paul inspired us all with his presentation about relief carving. After he showed us his general technique and talked about the tools he uses for carving, he gave us a tour of his home with all of the beautiful furniture he has made over the last 8 years. Can you believe Paul has only been making wood furniture for 8 years? Huge talent!

Here are some photos of Paul’s woodworking. Click to enlarge the photos.

We really do have fun. We had great attendance, too. A couple of new members joined tonight. Welcome!

Paul uses photos of wood carving as inspiration. He explained to us that he uses a small projector (“Tracer” brand) to get the photographic image onto a “cartoon” (line drawing at the size he will carve) on paper. He then transfers the line drawing to the piece of wood he will be carving. What you see in these photos took Paul about 8 hours to do, so far. He uses a variety of tools to rough out the carving, then continues to refine it. Paul says relief carving adds “life” and a dynamic quality to his furniture, and I think we’d all agree with that! Click the photos to see larger versions.

GuildJan2013Meeting - 44-imp GuildJan2013Meeting - 59-imp GuildJan2013Meeting - 60-imp


potluck at helena woodworkers guild meeting


Check back in a couple of weeks for details on our next meeting, which will be held February 3rd, 2014 at Tom Dolan’s shop. 

Also, if you are reading this and aren’t a member of the Guild, and are interested in woodworking at any level, please consider coming to our next meeting! And … if you know someone who might like to join us, please invite them, encourage them to come and be our guest for the potluck and presentation.