Dan McArdle Completes Statue for St. Vincent’s Hospital, Billings

Jesus Carving by Dan McArdle

Guild member, Dan McCardle recently completed a large project for St. Vincent’s Hospital in Billings.

Dan carved the Jesus from laminated 12/4 Basswood.  He used these tools: an electric chainsaw, angle grinder, freehand trim router with a carbide burr, Proxxon Merlin, Orbital sander, dremel tool and of course a variety of hand gauges and hand sanding. The carving is finished with shellac and Tried and True Original.

The piece started as 2 freehand sketches on notebook paper-front view and side view.  Dan then had Sibley’s Helena Blueprint enlarge the sketches to life sized patterns which he used to guide his glue-up and roughing in.  According to Dan, “this was a fun project.  I’m now in the Jesus business!”

Here are some images from Dan’s progress on the statue: