Guild Member, Anna Baker Awarded Grant

Anna Baker working a log

Photo ©Erik Petersen

Anna Baker, owner of Redtail Woodworks, and a member of the Helena Woodworkers Guild, was recently awarded a Red Ants Pants Foundation Community Grant to help her purchase tools for her woodworking business.

According to the Red Ants Pants Foundation website, the grants are given to businesses whose missions align with the values of the foundation. “Redtail Woodworks hopes to fulfill its potential by showcasing a successful woman-run local business and a beacon of education and empowerment for the women of Montana”

When I read the foundation’s mission and values statement, I thought Anna Baker certainly fits the list pretty danged well. Congratulations to Anna for achieving this grant, and Good Luck in your woodworking business.

Anna Baker Red Ants Pants Foundation Community Grant

Congratulations to Anna Baker for her grant, which will allow her to buy much-needed tools for her woodworking business.

You go, Anna! I’m sure all of the Guild members are behind you 100%. There are not many female members of the Guild (in fact, only 2 at present, and one of them is our webmaster who is most definitely NOT a woodworker. Heh) so we can surely use your leadership and energy not only in general, but also to encourage more women to join us and get their hands into the sawdust.

Here is what Anna calls her “first Redtail Woodworks project.” Notice she is also rocking the Red Ants pants. When she figures out what she’s going to make with this board, I’m sure we’ll be seeing pics here on our blog.

Anna Baker Redtail WoodworksPhoto of Anna sawing that log: ©Erik Petersen